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Our mission is to remind people that it is never too late to play games.

Each product is created with warmth and love in our own production, where we control all the steps: from idea and cutting to assembly, packaging, and delivery. That is why we guarantee our customers and partners impeccable quality of products.

Our puzzles are the result of modern engineering development. Each toy is made of ecologically clean materials and assembled manually by our own employees in Germany and Hungary.

Furthermore, our miniature escape rooms have their own unique legends and stories supporting them, so each of the puzzles and secrets hidden inside belong to the same environment, which makes the process of solving much more immersive and exciting.

If you don’t have any idea of what to gift to your friend or loved one, our miniature escape rooms are the best choice! Additionally, if you wish to gift a truly unique and exciting present, you can hide something inside the box, so it turns out as a big surprise and a gift in a gift. It is a memorable experience for a recipient, as they are required to solve all the puzzles first in order to receive another present from the inside.

After all the puzzles and secrets are solved, the toy can be used as a box for jewelry or any other little things. Thanks to the unique design and high-quality materials, our toys are suitable for any interior and will last for many years, naturally, maintaining their original visual condition.

Our toys are the best gift for all ages (over 14 years old), from teenagers to elderly.

About the
The story of EscapeWelt began in 2019 with escape rooms in Leipzig.

The business was growing rapidly, and in 2020 the company was ranked first among the dozens of ‘escape room’ activities. However, the pandemic turned the world upside down, and the quest rooms were forced to shut down. But it did not hurt the business much, on the contrary, it gave the founders inspiration for new ideas. Therefore, since 2020 EscapeWelt creates miniatures of the quest rooms that became popular in Germany, and gives an opportunity to people from other countries all around the world to share this experience, but in a puzzle activity format. With the idea to bring quest rooms to each home, EscapeWelt began changing the entire world of entertainments and creating the own history.

Since then, we changed the perspective on games for 300,000 people, and we are planning on increasing this number to 1 billion players worldwide! As of today, we give an opportunity to people to solve puzzles in more than 30 countries all around the world, and it is far from the limit, as we keep expanding our geography on a regular basis.

We are not a simple creative team, we are a strong international company with a wide range of the newest puzzles, we are powerful players in the global market, and silver medalists of ‘Start Up 2022 Saxony’
Today, EscapeWelt is:
40+ million
Engaged customers from 34 countries, 15% of which have become regular
6+ million
Views on YouTube
Feedbacks and review videos from our regular customers
Puzzles delivered to customers
Followers on Instagram
Monthly puzzles giveaways among followers
In-house manufacturing in Europe
International collaborations with bloggers

EscapeWelt is not simply a brand. It is a huge family of clients and partners who share the same values! We cooperate with leading global companies to expand our family, so that as many people as possible could look at puzzles from the other perspective.

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We create the product that the world’s biggest media talk about!


In less than 2 years since the company was founded, our team has grown 8 times! At the moment, it consists of 100+ members from 10+ countries.
We are exceptionally proud of our big international team that includes many professionals from all over the world!

“Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.” Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.